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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is used for virtual transactions on the internet network. Secret passwords that are quite complex serve to protect and maintain the security of this digital currency. The word "cryptocurrency" comes from a combination of two words, namely "cryptography" which means a secret code, and "currency" which means currency. The concept of cryptography has actually been known since the days of World War II. At that time, Germany used cryptography to send secret codes so that the opposing party could not easily read them. Unlike conventional currencies which are centralized, digital currencies are in fact decentralized. Neither party is present and acts as an intermediary in a transaction. Payments in digital currency take place from sender to recipient or peer-to-peer. However, all transactions carried out are still recorded and monitored in the cryptocurrency network system. Cryptocurrency miners are required to record these transactions and earn commissions in the form of usable digital money.
Bitcoin is one of the first cryptocurrency assets and people said it as the leading of crypto because the price can move other Cryptocurrency values.
Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform like bitcoin. Tron's goal is to build an entertainment system with digital content online global and free with distributed storage technology. Wrong One technology that Tron has developed is online gaming and worked as a team with Monstrader.
Monstrader is a company engaged in the entertainment sector and the largest gaming portal in Southern California. And now we are present online offers a variety of games to entertain all of our loyal members and reach a larger market by using TRON as a transaction tool.
To go to a bigger market using Monstrader Cryptocurrency where the trend in recent years has always been soared. Bitcoin as a pioneer of cryptocurrency with value the highest. by 2021 it had a price tag of up to $ 60,000. Where the price is targeted will continue to increase with reach spectacular society.
  1. The cost is still affordable.
  2. A highly developed cryptocurrency.
  3. The vision and mission is the same as the monstrader, which is entertaining.
We are not a gambling platform. We're the largest online gaming platform in Southern California.
You can fill out our registration form.
  1. Enter your full name (Only use letters and spaces)
  2. Please enter your email address correctly
  3. Enter your username (only letters and numbers 6 - 15 Characters)
  4. Enter your Password (Consists of lowercase letters, numbers and symbols to keep your account safe) 6-25 characters
  5. Please check all your entries. And make sure it's true
  6. Furthermore, your account has been registered in our system. To activate it, please wait a few minutes and check your email (Inbox, Promotions, Spam Folders).
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When you can't log in, please read what message was issued. It could be that your account has violated the rules so that it has been blocked, or maybe you made the wrong input.
Of Course, you can reset your password, by filling in your email address and registered username.
At this time we do not have a feature to change your email address. You can contact our support to solve problems that occur with your account.
Of course, you can log in on any device you want.
You only need to login, and look at the dashboard menu. Please Copy the Referral Link and share the link with your friends.
We have a $ 5 Free SPIN program. You can use it as a trial in our game system. Then you can decide if you want to continue or just get here.
When your friend purchases a SPIN package, then you are entitled to a bonus worth 10% of your friend's package.
Match bonus will be given when your friends up to 7th level make a withdrawal on our system. Each level has its requirements.
  • Level 1: 3 Referral Active & $300 Referral Sales
  • Level 2: 5 Referral Active & $1,000 Referral Sales
  • Level 3: 7 Referral Active & $2,000 Referral Sales
  • Level 4: 9 Referral Active & $3,000 Referral Sales
  • Level 5: 11 Referral Active & $4,000 Referral Sales
  • Level 6: 13 Referral Active & $5,000 Referral Sales
  • Level 7: 15 Referral Active & $6,000 Referral Sales
The bonus you get depends on the size of the package contract you have. (Include Referral, SPIN, Match Bonus).
You will still get a notification when you receive a bonus even though your package has expired. The bonus can be received in the Claim Bonus menu.
Of course, you can purchase packages on the same account without limits.
You must first log in to your account. and go to the Pricing & SPIN menu. Then scroll down and find the button that says SPIN Now.
Extra SPIN is a potion we created to speed up the percentage you want to get in one day. Maximum of 10% and charged 0.5% of your package.
Your account has been blocked for several reasons, as follows:
  1. When your account does not have any activity (like: Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer, Convert, Staking, Playing Games)
  2. When your account contains transactions that are considered illegal by Monstrader Team
  3. When your account does not have an active SPIN Packages for more than 7 days
Accounts that have been permanently blocked cannot be reactivated. All losses caused by an account that has been permanently blocked are the responsibility of the account owner.

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